The best app to connect with your hyper-local community anonymously is finally here


Chat with locals

When you need a quick info about the nearest mall or who is up for a coffee, remember everyone's around and just a post away. Ask a question or share your thoughts with people around you.

Chat anonymously

Pollen Chat offers almost anonymous conversations. We reveal almost no information about you when you initiate a conversation. Only you have the option to reveal it.

No public profiles

Pollen Chat does not offer public profiles so no more stalking. Chat freely. Set your nickname to nothing if you don't want people to find you on Pollen Chat network.

Get local deals

Local deals are awesome, right? We too feel the same way so Pollen Chat let's you receive deals in your vicinity. You can get serious discount vouchers and use Pollen credits to redeem them.

Discover nearby events

Don't be in a situation where you were in the area for many hours but missed your favorite band playing in the nearby club. Pollen Chat enables you to discover events in realtime.

Hyperlocal and realtime

On Pollen Chat network, everything is fresh and current. Expired deals / interactions / events are immediately removed from the system and in-active merchants are a big no-no.

Got a business?

Pollen Chat offers you the best opportunity to connect with your local audience. If you are there on every major social channel but still not driving more local customers to your business, it is because you are not engaging and connecting with local people who are in your business' vicinity. Pollen Chat is designed specifically for that purpose. Publish realtime deals/events and chat with your customers. Everything to convert a potential client into a customer is built right into the platform.

Business Features

Publish real-time deals
Publish events organised by you
Publish vouchers using Pollen credits
Chat with your local customers
See how your campaigns are performing out there

Setup your business on Pollen Chat today and start engaging with local audience. It all starts with you pressing the following button.

Want some assistance?

Leave your email and our executive will contact you to help you in setting up your business on Pollen Chat.